DMV Filmmaker is a website and interactive digital magazine that serves as the clarion for DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) filmmaking and filmmakers. If you want to know which films to look out for, about emerging talent, or the companies to contact for your own shoot, this is the place to find that information and so much more.

The Vision

After starting Picture Lock, a film review website and TV show, and becoming a Washington DC Area Film Critic Association (WAFCA) member in 2013, Kevin Sampson realized that there was a wealth of beautiful and well told films coming out of the DMV. While places like New York and LA are typically thought of as the capitols of film, the DMV has just as much to offer and he knew there should be an outlet that highlights the films, filmmakers, and key players surrounding them. Envisioning a place where people  would not just read be able to read about them, but watch and/or listen in an interactive way to the stories that make up this diverse community, Mr. Sampson created DMV Filmmaker. That is what DMV Filmmaker does and will continue to do.



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All images in this template are used with permission from the photographers Linn BergbrandtJulia LindemalmRut Sigurdardottir and Anna Wahlgren